About Us


Our company was formed as a small business in 1999 and incorporated as GYMSMITH (M) SDN.BHD since 2007 to provide quality fitness equipment and related services to the local fitness facility owners.

GymSmith provides health promotion programs and fitness opportunities to clients. Our clients range from financial institutions and pharmaceutical corporations, to technology companies.

We personalize our programs to reach employees at all levels : executives, managers, support personnel, and line workers.



More importantly, we will help your organization to achieve healthier profits with healthier people.

GymSmith can operate your fitness center and assist your employees with healthy lifestyle choices.



Today, we are one of the leading service gym maintaince companies and No.1 in after sales service in Malaysia for high-end gym market segment.

Our products and services have since grown to virtually cover every aspect of fitness facility owners’ needs.

Our new products now included sports flooring material and outdoor exercise stations.

The services include recommending the layout of the facility, renovation work, facility management, preventive maintenance and equipment repair.
Team Members: we have 5 full-time staff with each individual experience at least 3 years in the industry.

Specialized Wholesaler, Importer and Distributor of Professional Fitness Equipment.