Status Series Cardio

Premium Full Commercial

SportsArt Status Series premium full commercial cardio line continues to set industry standards in both unique design and biomechanic excellence. Our dependable, industrial-quality manufacturing ensures each machine is built to last in the most demanding commercial environments.



Pinnacle Trainer S772

Pinnacle is the only cross trainer that combines both linear and lateral motions for an unprecedented workout of infinite variety.

  • Adjustable width affords up to 30% increase in hip abductor and adductor activation.
  • User defined stride length for a unique and customized workout.
  • Adjustable footplates allow greater comfort when exercising at higher intensities.
  • Race-inspired handle position optimally positions user for power production.

XTrainer XT20

The XT20 is a total body workout machine that combines independent lower and upper body resistance, which has been proven to provide better training results than any other cardio product.

  • Bidirectional or bilateral independent upper body motion/resistance
  • 270° rotational handles provide a variety of training options and include fingertip controls for both lower and upper body resistance
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Comfortable 6-position reclining seat back

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