Free Weights, Bars, Benches & Racks

Power Cage  GS-2648 - 157cm×124cm×234cm 164kg
Power Cage GS-2648
 Dumbell Rack GS-2649 - 74cm×246cm×81cm 111kg
Dumbell Rack GS-2649
Squat Rack  GS-2650 - 185cm×173cm×180cm 180kg
Squat Rack GS-2650
Handle Rack GS-2653 - 94cm×76cm×104cm 46kg
Handle Rack GS-2653
Vertical Plate Tree GS-2654 - 61cm×58cm×124cm 39kg
Vertical Plate Tree GS-2654
Barbell Rack GS-2655 - 97cm×76cm×145cm 80kg
Barbell Rack GS-2655
Smith Machine GS-2663 - 109cm×218cm×232cm 167kg
Smith Machine GS-2663
Beauty Dumbbell Rack GS-2667 - 145cm*65cm*100cm 71kg
Beauty Dumbbell Rack GS-2667


Flat Bench GS-2636 - 135cm×76cm×43cm 30kg
Flat Bench GS-2636
Adjustable Decline/Sit-Up Bench  GS-2637 - 162cm×76cm×81cm 61kg
Adjustable Decline / Sit-Up Bench GS-2637
Upright Bench GS-2638 - 117cm×76cm×82cm 30kg
Upright Bench GS-2638
Adjustable Bench GS-2639 - 162cm×76cm×81cm 61kg
Adjustable Bench GS-2639
Olympic Decline Bench GS-2641 - 206cm×178cm×109cm 98kg
Olympic Decline Bench GS-2641
Olympic Bench Incline GS-2642 - 201cm×178cm×140cm 127kg
Olympic Bench Incline GS-2642
Olympic Bench GS-2643 - 173cm×178cm×122cm 82kg
Olympic Bench GS-2643
Seated Preacher Curl GS-2644 - 132cm×84cm×97cm 55kg
Seated Preacher Curl GS-2644
Back Extension GS-2645 - 122cm×86cm×96cm 57kg
Back Extension GS-2645
Olympic Seated Bench (shoulder) GS-2651 - 155cm×178cm×180cm 142kg
Olympic Seated Bench (shoulder) GS-2651
Seated Calf  GS-2662 - 150cm×71cm×99cm 49kg
Seated Calf GS-2662
 Incline Level Row GS-2661 - 185cm×79cm×119cm 66kg
Incline Level Row GS-2661
Leg Press GS-2656 - 217cm×161cm×126cm 172kg
Leg Press GS-2656
Vertical Knees Up/Dip GS-2647 - 127cm×71cm×160cm 86kg
Vertical Knees Up/Dip GS-2647
Super Squat GS-2665
Super Squat GS-2665

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